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ZoneDirector 1200 - Users report 1 of our SSID disappears

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Hoping someone can give me some direction here. At a remote site, we have AP's, with 3 wireless ssids. A "internal" ssid, a "guest" ssid and a 3rd hidden ssid for IT.

User at this site are reporting that the "internal" ssid has been disappearing and they get kicked over to the guest ssid. If they wait some indiscriminate amount of time, the "internal" ssid reappears and they can reconnect. Signal strength is full bars throughout the office. This internal ssid is using the captive portal

From ZoneDirector, I can see the AP's have stayed up, but from a logging/device perspective, I cant find anything of value. Checking a device I know reported the issue, event tab is blank. Is there any way to enable more logging/details around what AP a device is attaching too, cause of the switch, etc? Ways to see if a AP is constantly changing channels?

If all of the SSID's were disappearing, this would point me to a AP failure or something in that direction. Has anyone experienced issues with just 1 of your SSID disappearing and the others staying up?



Hi @adam-beck 

Can you share couple of AP support log here to review post issue happens. This definitely is a strange one where one WLAN disappear from AP while other is working. We can get into more details once the data is provided.

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RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @adam-beck 
With regards to additional log and channel changing events, you can go to System >> System Settings >> Log Settings and enable "Show More". These will allow ZD to show more logs line connectivity channel change events. You can view the events under "All Events/Activities".

Also, enter the below command on the AP CLI and get us the AP support file (If the issue is happening frequently) as soon as the issue is occurred.
set scg syslog 0xFFF8

Once the log is collected use the below command to revert the log level to normal mode.
Once set scg syslog 0x0000

Additionally, you can use the command "get wlanlist" on the AP CLI at the time of issue to see if the SSID is present on the AP or not. If yes, then check for the "Status" if it is showing DOWN.

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Hello Sanjay, Vineet,

Thank you for the replies and direction. Ive enabled "show more" and will attempt to get some time with a remote user to test/capture logs of the issue occurring.

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How was this resolved? We seem to be facing the same issues with one of the SSIDs disappearing more often than the others. We have upgraded the ZD1200 to the latest firmware and that did not solve the issue.