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Best practice for renewing DPSK before expiration

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Prefacing by saying that we are on ZD

We started using DPSK last year for staff mobile devices. Most staff were able to generate a DPSK through an open WLAN we set up for this purpose, but we still had to manually assist a number of staff members who are not as fluent with their mobile devices.

Unfortunately, we set a 1 year expiration on the majority of DPSKs generated last year, which is coming up. I've been testing various options for how to most efficiently get DPSKs renewed for returning staff, but I'm confused about what is the expected behavior when the expiration date hits. From my testing with both Android and iOS devices, after expiration the device no longer has network access. The only difference is that if the setting "Automatically remove expired D-PSK entries and delete the relevant connected station" is checked, then the mobile device is disconnected from the WLAN, whereas if that setting is unchecked, the device still shows a connection to the WLAN, though it apparently has no actual network access.

However, the ZD user guide states:
If this option is unchecked, expired DPSKs will remain in the system (though unusable after expiration), and clients using an expired DPSK can remain connected until the user disconnects from the WLAN.
I had hoped this meant that users could at least go to the DPSK activation page to generate a fresh DPSK after the expiration date.

I'm wondering if there is any easier method for staff with expiring DPSKs to renew their DPSK without having to repeat the process of going to the activation page and generating a new DPSK? The main complication is staff members who already have the limit of mobile devices with a DPSK; if they try to generate a new one the system says that they have maxed out the number of DPSKs they can generate with their account, so we would have to delete their previous keys and they would have to switch back to an open WLAN and start the process over.

DPSKs are great; it just seems that there should be a more effective way to handle renewals.

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Hi @ken_yeh  Did you find the solution ? 

We also want to know about DPSK renew or edit if possible in case of expiry 

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If I recall, we ended up having to create a new DPSK for every single device. Massive PITA. We removed the 1 year expiration with all the new DPSK's we created to avoid this later on.