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ZoneDirector 1200 Firmware Upgrade

New Contributor II

Hi all,

I have a big project coming up next week to upgrade firmware of 2 x ZD1200 in Smart Redundancy mode, our current firmware is build 29.

Please could someone advise the upgrade path to the latest version, as I'm struggling to find our current build in newer versions.

We are going to be using a mix of R500 and R510 internal APs and T310 external APs.

Also, I tried to upgrade the firmware on the Active device last night but it just looked like it froze when trying to upload the .img firmware file, I was trying to use firmware version - maybe this was wrong which is why it didn't work? But I tried to search for the issue, and tried different browsers (Firefox, Edge, IE, Chrome) but they all did the same thing, gave no upload progress and did nothing for about 30-40 minutes.

Thanks for any advise!


New Contributor III

Assuming you want to get to the recommended firmware of you need to follow this path. I usually stick to the recommended version if possible rather than the later ones unless there is a specific requirement to do so. --> --> -->

@paul_cremor Many thanks for the quick reply Paul! I'll get them firmware versions and follow that path.

Any ideas on the fact that the firmware won't upload to the ZD?


New Contributor II

the last stable version for zd1200 is build 183 and i given the upgradation path also.

indoor Outdoor AP
C110    T300
E510    T300e
H320   T301n
H510   T301s
R310   T310c
R320   T310d
R500   T310n
R510 T310s
R600 T610
R610 T610s
R700 T710
R710 T710s

above mentioned the model only support this firmware version>>>

Valued Contributor

Hi Kuk,

Due to the limited RAM available on the ZD1xxx series devices, I always found it beneficial to reboot the controller prior to a firmware update, as this clears logs and stats, etc. and frees up RAM for the upgrade process.

As your R500 are the oldest AP model you have, they are the limiting factor in terms of upgrading.  However, checking the release notes, you can jump directly to the last version of the ZD 9.x code-train:

N.B. The R500 AP is still supported in the latest version of the 10.x ZD code train (10.4), however you will need to carefully check the release notes for the necessary upgrade path to this version.

Also ensure you take a ZD backup prior to upgrading incase you need to roll-back the update.

Finally; when performing a redundant pair update, the ZD software has a built-in mechanism to upgrade the pair with minimal client impact, you don't need to upgrade them individually.

Hope that helps,