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Zone Flex 7962 firmware upgrade issues

New Contributor II
Hi I have a Zone Flex 7962 AP that I use in (standalone) running firmware I was able to upgrade from 8.0.0 to using the web and the default settings although can anyone please advise if there is any new firmware available for this device.

I have downloaded the below although if I point to my FTP or TFTP server I get a

"Secure Connection Failed message"

so first time I attempted it using TFTP it got to 98% then failed tried again and now I get

The upgrade failed. The following reason was given.

the control file may be bad

Here are some other things to check.
•Check that all network cables are firmly connected and any network devices, including the router or adapter, ethernet hubs, etc., have electrical power.
•Check that the upgrade method, server name/address or HTTP URL, login info (when using FTP), and image control file information were entered correctly
•Check that the image control file and its content are correct for your product model

What version of firmware do you have on the AP now? (from Status::Device)

On the Maintenance::Upgrade page, top line, do you have a "Local" upgrade method choice?

If you click on Local, you can Browse to the firmware file on your PC, and do not
need an image control file (only for FTP/TFTP/Web options).

Managed to upgrade it had to use 9.7.0 first using IE 10 then I was able use the local upgrade option to upgrade to 9.7.2.

Can you please advise does 9.7.2 support band steering for a standalone zoneflex 7962 AP?

Yes, band-steering is enabled by default in standalone 7962 code.

Type "get withholding-limit wifi0" to confirm. Default enabled value is 7.

rkscli: get withholding-limit wifi0
wifi0: Withholding limit (auth response): 1

is that the message I was net to get also i cannot connect to the 5ghz ssid I have as I get an attempting to authenticate message