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Product Change Notice - ZoneFlex AP and Standalone Mode Operation

Esteemed Contributor II
Starting January 1, 2015 the default image that ships from the factory on Ruckus access points (APs) will change from ZoneFlex Release 9.8.x to ZoneFlex Base Image Release 100.0.x. Most customers will not notice any difference in AP operation. The APs will continue to support standalone mode and FlexMaster managed mode operations and will automatically discover and connect to ZoneDirector or RuckOS controllers.

All APs shipping with Base Image Release 100.0.x and higher now support auto-discovery of all RuckOS controllers in addition to ZoneDirector controllers. It is no longer necessary to order SCG-APs with SKU prefix 9S1-abcd-xxyy for SCG-200 controller deployments.

Ruckus recommends ordering APs using the standard SKU prefix 901-abcd-xxyy for all network deployments regardless of controller type being ZoneDirector or RuckOS.

Esteemed Contributor II
To followers of topics related to standalone ZoneFlex AP features, the new 100.0.x
AP image is based on and has fixes that would have gone into a ZoneFlex 9.9.

With this announcement, please find that the base image firmware for
standalone APs has now been posted under the Support Portal Downloads page.

That's fantastic. Thanks for listening!

Valued Contributor
Any particular reason for making it 100 and not 10?

Did you feel a win8 skip9 win10 moment coming on suddenly?