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Zone Director: Layer 3 Deployment

New Contributor
The company I work for deploys wireless services using a Zone Director 3000 and ruckus ap's. For a long time we had just one property to manage, so 1 vlan, i subnet for management. Basically layer 2 deployement. Recently we have taken on another customer, that will require a seperate subnet for management of the ap's but would like to use the same Zone Director for management. We are having a hard time figuring out how to set this up basically as a layer 3 deployment and are having a hard time finding any literature explaining how to deploy this setup.

Esteemed Contributor II
Welcome to the Layer3 world Kevin. You will need L2/L3 switches, or multiple interface routers and L2 switches that understand VLANs. Our recommended design is to locate your ZD/APs on one "management" VLAN, and drop your wireless clients into separate/individual customer VLANs, where they can communicate with themselves, but not the other customers. You specify these VLANs under your user WLAN Advanced Options.