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Bonjour gateway configuration at the AP group level

New Contributor II
In 9.8, your layer-3 bonjour gateway offloading is great! super-excited you guys added that feature.

what i am NOT super-excited about is the probability that i will have to manually configure ~800 individual APs to support the same "bonjour gateway" because my network is fairly cookie-cutter across my supported sites.

So, in "AP Groups" where i can enable "Model Specific Control" it would be great if, on the supported models of APs, you had an option to "override bonjour gateway setting" and apply a gateway name to the entire AP group that has that specific model. This would greatly simplify the configuration of this great feature, and would allow me to apply it to ~20-50 APs at a whack, rather than individually for 800.

Esteemed Contributor II
Seems to make sense. Discuss your idea with your VAR or Ruckus SE to file a Feature Request on your behalf for our Product Line Marketing managers to consider.