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Zone Director 1200

New Contributor

Hello, we recently had a powercut and our Zone Director 1200 seems to be just sat on the starting up phase with the orange status light flashing. Can no longer access it over the web. Any ideas? 



Hi @Brandston 

If you are unable to access the ZD on its IP it might be having hardware issue to boot up (with status light orange). Can you try performing a factory default (this would though wipe all config) and if controller recover it needs to be build from scratch. If issue persist you can validate the serial with our admin team and the device would be replaced.

Best Regards


Hi for some reason the device won't factory reset it just stays on the flashing status light no matter what. Unfortunately we don't pay for Ruckus support service so the device could not be replaced but thank you anyway I just wanted to see if anyone had suggestions. 

@Brandston Unfortunately then there is no alternative to recover this controller. Just to mention on ZD1200 you need to press the F/D pinhole and not the reset one.Insert a paper clip in the F/D hole and press for at least 15-20 second. If this is not working then the device has hardware issue.

Best Regards