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Zone Director 1200 upgrade

New Contributor
I am asking about the firmware upgrade,do i have to upgrade according to path i.e version by version or i can just download the latest version and upgrade it.
Secondly if i upgraded from version to another version without following the path what is the impact?

Valued Contributor
Hi Hashim,
Download the release notes of the version you want to install.
In the release notes it will say the supported upgrade paths, so from which versions you can go to that version.

If your version is not in there, then look one release earlier.

If it is not supported, then the ZD will say it will factory reset after the upgrade.


Hi Martin
Thank you for your quick and useful response.
I didn`t configure the zone director yet still on the factory setting.
I understand from your reply that the only impact if i didn`t follow the path is that the zone director will be upgraded but restored to the factory default.

Correct, It will also say that after you have uploaded the image to the ZD.


Martin, are you sure about that? My recollection is that if you have a version that’s older than what the documented upgrade path allows, the ZD will let you waste 5-10 minutes uploading the image and then it will tell you that the image is invalid, not supported, or something like that. At that point the only thing you can do is abort or cancel.

Regarding factory resets - I’ve never seen a ZD do a factory reset when upgrading. As I recall, the only time the ZD will factory reset is when downgrading to an older version that is missing features contained in the release currently on the ZD.