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Zone Director 1200 faulty CF

New Contributor II
CF: Device open fail
CF: Device open failv54_bsp: Flash setup failed
mount: cannot read /proc/mounts: No such file or directory
Mount is writable. If the system is rebooting after a crash, rebooting may take a few minutes.

Console is showing that the CF has failed. The OS is totally corrupted. On a linux machine, it doesnt read as drive anymore. I have another backup CF but i have no idea how to reload the firmware to a new CF. Can anyone help on this?
When im trying to boot now, it shows boot menu and app menu which require password.
How can i reload the OS back to the CF ? I tried downloading the firmware from official and write it back to CF using Linux machine and still ZD doesnt boot to CF but it recognize the disk.

This product is out of warranty.

Contributor III
Why are you doing all that? The 1200 is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Just open a case with TAC and send the unit in.

New Contributor II
Hi David, we have check with vendor and fee applies. Is there a way to reload the OS back to the CF like the 1100 reloading OS to usb stick ?

Contributor III
Whoever told you that fees apply is wrong. Assuming that you didn’t do something malicious, Ruckus will honor the limited lifetime warranty. If you have a support plan, they’ll overnight a new controller. If you don’t have support, you’ll have to pay one-way postage and wait a couple of weeks before the new controller arrives. When you request the RMA from TAC, keep it simple. Just say the controller won’t boot and leave it at that. TAC may want to do a quick online session to see the console dump. They’ll either fix it in short order or initiate the RMA. The limited lifetime warranty costs you zero if you have support and only one-way postage if you don’t. If it was a Ruckus partner who told you there are fees, then you might want to think about getting a new partner to go along with you new no-fee controller.

Thank you David. I'll try to talk with their exec.