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Zone Controller IP Change Process

New Contributor
I need to change the IP address of my ZoneController.  The AP's are no longer on the same layer 2 subunet as the controller.  If I set option 43 correctly, or if I set up an A record in DNS, will the AP's automatically find the controller again, or do they need to reset?  What is the order of discovery?  Layer 2 - DNS- DHCP 43?  Thanks!

Valued Contributor II

since AP and controller are not in the same subnet so its better and easy to run a command via CLI on each AP which will make the AP to join the controller on a different subnet.

set director IP

after this command you will asked to reboot the AP so do that as well.

for example: set director IP

Please make sure there is a route open between AP and controller subnet

According to the ZD User Guide, APs will prefer a ZD with an IP address that has been configured on the AP. If the ZD IP addresses are not hard coded on the AP, the AP will attempt to discover and associate with a ZD discovered via DNS/DHCP. So it depends if you have set the APs to a specific ZD IP address or not.

See page 33 of the ZD 9.12.1 User Guide.

In general, even without configuring DNS Option 43, you can move them to another subnet and they'll find the ZD just fine.