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Zero-IT Deprecated?

New Contributor II
I was told that Zero-IT was deprecated in ZD firmware version 10.0+.   Is this true?  Is anyone else on 10.0 or higher that can confirm or refute this?   Thanks.

New Contributor III
From my experience with the products so no this is not a definitive answer as I am not aRuckus Employee.    Zero IT is in 10.0+  I  have current installations that use it.
The closest thing to this that I am aware of is with the SmartZone platform where there is no longer any Zero IT deployment of DPSK.

New Contributor II
I did a deployment yesterday but found that IOS devices open the script rather then running it. My guess its the devices preventing the scripts from running that will direct what ruckus wants to do.

I've got a support ticket open regarding the iOS issue. Apple released an update that's restricted config push from the browser.

I think your information is incorrect, Zero-IT is supported in ZD 10.1+. As far as I know there is no plan to deprecate Zero-IT from ZoneDirector.