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Zd1200 Captive Portal

New Contributor
So I understand that captive portal is available. What is baffling me is I cannot find anything that would explain what the actual capabilities of this are. If i were to implement this type of guest access setup inside say a grocery store how can I keep the Guest traffic from being on the same network as say the POS or any internal network device. I have set up a captive portal in a lab environment. The issue is that it is still handing me an IP address out of my typical scope which makes me feel that I may need to assign it a different subnet and route it through my firewall but I am curious as to whether or not this is what needs to be done or if there is some kind of configuration I am missing.

Esteemed Contributor II
Your design issues and solutions are correct.  You need a switch/router that can handle multiple VLANs,

and use different Client VLANs per WLAN, than your APs and ZD management network.  Your APs then

go into switch Trunk ports, servicing the number of Client VLANs and your ZD/AP management VLAN.

The Captive Portal for guest/customers, allows you to pop up a Greeting (terms and conditions), and

drop them on your desired Advertising page (perhaps) or their intended homepage, for their browser.

A Hotel might require a guest pass authentication, but a Store typically would not.

More info about assigning VLANs (page 241) or Guest Access (captive portal, page 368) in the latest

ZD 9.13 (GA) User Guide: