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Strange ZF7351

New Contributor II
Today I tried to connect one from my purchase from ebay, ZF7351 to ZD1100. This AP not support POE, but is dual band. After cofigure ZD and connect with AP I start Inssider and see my SSID in 2,4 and 5 Ghz both. I connect my iPad to AP at 5 Ghz, and it work, I connect my notebook at 2,4 Ghz and it work too. After some experiment with various devices I find this AP concurrent dual band, but according to the ruckus support site this is 2,4 Ghz AP. It happens?

Valued Contributor II

ZF7351 is a sub model of ZF7352 with the only difference is that it just have one ethernet port. Officially It is also a single band device and looks like that you got a ZF7372 feature AP with Label of ZF7351.

It should NOT happen however my guess is that something went wrong in the factory. Nothing to worry about as this AP is also End of life.

Is possible to change the Region for what a AP was marked for?
I want to buy one 7351 marked for UK for use in North America.


first this model 7351 is end of life and was designed for Carriers and Telco as far as i know. if you buy this one with 901-7351-WW00 part code then it will work both in the US and UK.

Anything bought in the US is locked to that region. this is as per FCC regulations..


I just want to buy some AP cheap in ebay for home lab but I have this doubt about the region of the AP.

I don ́t know if the channels and RF Segments are the same in UK that in USA.