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ZF7982 used as replacement for ZF7363. Vlan issues.

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My setup consists of 2 x ZD-5000 (ver. build 15) and about 430 x ZF7363 and about 10 x ZF7982. 

When ZF7363 fails we replace them with ZF7982. 

On average we have 2 - 5 WLANs per AP Group. For example AP100 might be setup with following:

WLAN A => SSID Guest => over Trunk => vlan 30
WLAN B => SSID VoIP => over Trunk => vlan 40
WLAN C => SSID Corp => over Trunk => vlan 50

We have Hotspot provider that operates on Guest vlan 30.

Now the issue. ZF7363 works just fine. DHCP kicks in as ip-helper is set on all trunk ports which face APs. Client devices connect to any broadcasted SSIDs, get IP and go online – no problem.

With ZF7982 we are experiencing connectivity issues only on selected WLANs. For example, client is able to get online via WLAN B (VoIP, vlan 40), and WLAN C (Corp, vlan 50). However, when connected to SSID Guest (vlan 30) we have no communication. Client is associated with the AP – that I can see from ZD – but unable to receive IP addr from DHCP. We tried assigning IP address manually to client but no change. It is like if vlan 30 is not added to the trunk group on eth port.

We are confused because ZF7982 which we use as replacement to ZF7363 are assigned to the same AP Group. All ports are set to a Trunk 1 - 4096. No L2 or L3 ACL are in place.

My question is why ZF7982 would be able to push traffic only over selected vlans where ZF7363 works just fine? Is this some bug? Anyone experience something similar?

Please assist.

Kind Regards



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More info:

I have downloaded configuration in form of a txt file for both ZF7363 and ZF7982 to see if there is any notice about vlan 30. I think I'm onto something.
ZF7363 have following lines:


That same section of the config in ZF7982 is missing line:

....again... both models belong to same AP Groups and should get same settings.


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That would do it (prevent client from receiving VLAN 30 IP address).  I don't remember any bug like this however,

but I naturally would wonder if you can schedule a change management period and plan an upgrade?  ZD5000
supports 7363 and 7982 on version 9.12.3 (MR3 Refresh6), if you go thru 9.9 version first.