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"Guest Access" May I limit the using time of Guest? (ZoneDirectior3000)

New Contributor
"Guest Access" May I limit the using time of Guest? (ZoneDirectior3000) such as 20 mins, after that force this guest offline.  

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Jason,

   Yes, Edit your WLAN, and expand the Advanced Options section.  There is an Inactivity Timeout (Idle timer) for how many minutes a user stays connected if not doing anything, and also there's the Grace Period which allows them to re-connect before X amount of time without having to re-authenticate.  Otherwise, you can use the Service Schedule and only service your Guest access between certain hours of the day, per week.

    But I don't think we can totally limit a Guest user to a 20 minute period of use, then kick them off (unless something from a RADIUS server can do this per User/Group permission/AV pair).

From KBA-2433: Maximum values for inactivity timeout and grace period

Inactivity timeout and Grace period can be set on WLAN at ZD web UI >> Configure >> WLANs >>(Edit a WLAN) >> Advanced options

Maximum values : 

Inactivity time : Enter a value in minutes after which idle stations will be disconnected (1 to 500 minutes).

Grace period :  Allow disconnected users a grace period after disconnection, during which clients will not need to re-authenticate. Enter a number in minutes, between 1 and 144,000.