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ZF Indoor AP mounting preference

New Contributor II
I have a lot of experience on Cisco Wireless not as much on Ruckus. I was involved in the Cisco Forums with regards to best mounting practices for Cisco indoor AP's wall (vertical) or Ceiling (horizontal) mounting and eventually they started making this known in the documentation i.e horizontal was best where possible but I can't find anything similar in Ruckus documentation?

I have checked the Ruckus forum and this is discussed for a specific ZF indoor AP but wondered if horizontal or ceiling mounting is best for most ZF indoor AP's I'm guessing unlike Cisco with its omni directional ants ZF have a different beam forming setup for their ants, I'm also guessing ceiling mount is better but thought I best ask the experts. Also last but not least what has been changed in the ZF 7055 to make this a wall mounted AP by default, has the ant position changed in position etc?

Valued Contributor II
It's pretty much the same guidance. You can think of the beamspread as a large partially deflated beach ball sitting on top of the unit. So if you mount to a wall, you're sending signal into the ceiling and floor (which may or may not be desirable).

The best results will usually be a ceiling mount because you've got better LOS (typically) from above.

New Contributor II
Excellent that's what I thought just wanted it confirming, thanks!