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New alarm event (AP online)

New Contributor
At this moment there are different alarm event options that you can choose in the ZD.

One of the them is an alarm event that gets triggered when an AP goes down. This is great.
What we are facing, has our AP network is increasing, is that it would also be fine if we could receive an trigger when the AP would come back online.

We would really appreciate if the event "AP online" could be added. If this is not possible, perhaps this could be added to the SNMP traps. This way it would be possible to receive an message every time the offline AP would be back online.

If this is already possible, or anyone has an idea how we can do this, then It would be great to know it.


Contributor III
FYI: Where I work we use nagios and/or icinga to provide alerting.
It can be rough to setup but works very well + provides up/down notifications as well as a web page that you can look at to see what's down at the moment.

Once upon a time, when I was doing custom notifications for network switches, I checked uptime for each switch and sent an alert every time the uptime (that the switch reports) decreased. (which would happen after a reboot)

This way I got alerts for things even if ping monitoring never noticed downtime.