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ZD1200 Solid Green lights but dead - 3 different instances this week

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So I am a tech for a system integration company that primarily uses Ruckus in all of our installs.  I have had 3 calls this week about wifi down and each of them was the same result.  ZD1200 appears to have completely died.  All lights are solid green, even on a fresh reboot (never see the red status light at all even while booting).  None of the units respond to ping, ssh, console...nothing.  I found it very odd the first time I saw it since I have never seen this issue in 15 years of servicing, but to see it 3 times now this week has me very concerned.  Not sure what to do next or even what to tell the clients?  Do I have 3 randomly bricked ZD1200s in a week?

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Very strange, "dead" to you remotely and on the local LAN?
Logs, and open a ticket if not a network issue...

ZD1200   "bricking" in the same fashion.. seems quite common,
It's appears not "very strange", take a look at the forums.

Ruckus should publish an analysis of the casues,  "upgrade", "component failure" , PSU... etc.
I lost one very recently, exactly the same.

It was powered by some very hefty top quality UPS and there were no surges or power cycles.
also in an air coned room....

Normal practice they recommend is "reset" with a pin, then if that fails " F/D", then RMA.

Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi Tommy,

It is odd!

Could you try pulling console logs from all three failed devices? What console output says?

I would advise to log a case with console logs from all 3 failed devices and let support check further.

An standard flow of troubleshooting should be:

1- Check power adaptor and power source. Is the device powering up?
  • Yes = continue to step 2.
  • No = Hardware fault = Support case >> RMA.
2- Do you see a stable or flashing red LED on status?
  • Yes = Hardware fault = Support case >> RMA.
  • No = follow step 3.
3- Check network cable and switch port. Try to use a new cable and connect the ZD to a new switch port and second eth port of the ZD (just in case first Eth port on ZD may be faulty).
4- If above all looks good and still you are not able to access ZD, then follow troubleshooting steps given below in the same sequence (If issue not fixed then continue to next sub step given below):

   4.1: Push the 'Reset' button (reset, not FD).
   4.2: Reload the power.
   4.3: Push the FD button and hold it for 12 seconds and then release it. Detailed procedure can be found here (Article #000010062).
   4.4: Connect console cable (for settings click here. Article #000004232) >> Reload the power and check the logs on console window. Collect the logs.

5- Open a support case and provide the logs/output to support. Support may provide RMA but if you have multiple devices showing same issue then support can check and get the failure analysis done (Note: Failure analysis takes a lot of time so findings could take time).

Syamantak Omer

Syamantak Omer

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I am having this same exact issue.  I went down yesterday and I can not get it to boot up again.  I am getting a solid green light on my ZD.  I am going to follow Syamantek's steps now.