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ZD1200 Redundancy of Controller - License requirement for Redundant ZD

New Contributor
I have a Ruckus ZD1200 with 60APs license, I need to get another ZD as Redundancy for controller.  It will be in Active and Standby Mode
Do I need to just purchase ZD with default AP license or Need to purchase ZD with 60 APs license  ?? .   
What else required for the same ?

Please assist. 

Prem V. 

Contributor III
Purchase just the ZD1205. After ensuring that both controllers are on the same version of firmware, save a config backup and then enable SmartRedundancy.  Assuming that your original controller is licensed for a total of 60 APs (5 licenses that came with it plus 55 that you added), then the licenses will pool and both controllers will be licensed for 65.  If you buy support for the second controller, buy RDY, not end user. 

what is RDY

Support for a redundant controller. It is less expensive than standard watchdog support and provides identical benefits.  Ruckus part number 803-1200-1RDY, list price $110.  List price for standard ZD1200 watchdog support is $220.