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ZD1100 "Concurrent stations of Up to 1,250"??

New Contributor
On the Zonedirector brochure It says that the,
"Zonedirector 1100" supports "Concurrent stations of Up to 1,250"

The question here is. Stations meaning Users?
Is it safe to say if i have a ZD1100 with 50AP and having 1250 users on the network.
Each AP would only go up to 25 users at MAX?

Valued Contributor II
"Stations" is devices. While the simple answer to your question is yes, you will want to engage with an experienced partner to ensure an optimized installation

New Contributor
Hi everyone

Quick question, I know the ZD1100 has the option for local database authentication of 1250 users. If authentication is done via an external Radius server, does the 1250 concurrent stations/users limit still apply?

Thanks in advance

Valued Contributor II
Hello Brandon Muller,

then as per my understanding, EACH AP model limit would apply however i am too not sure. Let others chime in too to confirm.

hope this helps.

New Contributor
Thanks for your reply.

So if you take 5 x 7782's(which are able to handle 500 users), you can connect 2500 users to a network having a Zone Director 1100 to handle the AP's. The Zone Director is simply there to manage the AP's, the hotspot will be run on a Mikrotik and an external Radius.