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ZD 1100 end of life - support

New Contributor
I just got back from europe and saw the End of life announcements for the ZD 1100.

Is there anyway to still buy the 5 year support?

Valued Contributor
Yes here in Europe we are still using string and tin cans. Sometimes I look at other far off lands with copper wires/electricity with for WiFi, wow.

ZD1100 EOF is happening but possibly still one firmware release away from stopped entirely!

I imagine Ruckus would be delighted to provide you with 5 year support on a non-changing, stable, tried and tested platform. [I am not employed by Ruckus nor a mouthpiece, official or otherwise].

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Jonathan, according to the EoL announcement, you had until June 30th to buy up to 5 years Partner Watchdog support, if you had purchased the unit prior to June 30th, 2015.