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ZD 10.X?

It seems like ZD 10.X is a fairly major release. Are there any more detailed notes on it than release notes? I would like to see screenshots of new interface. I am excited to see Spectrum Analysis finally works on 802.11ac AP. Any other big updates in this release?

Contributor II
I can help with the UI part- is a demo instance of the ZD, running 10.x.  It's like a cross between the menu system of the SZ 3.5 and the content of the ZD's menus- no real significant differences in content/location.

In the release notes, the "Enhancments" section covers the new features.  As for "big" updates, that's all relative.  I can tell you that Spectrum Analyses isn't what I'm looking for most- the ZD1200 doubling its AP count and OFDM in the GUI is.

Thanks for the link. It is definitely prettier. Although at first I feel like I am getting less info. Maybe in real instance the dashboard can be configured to give similar info. Hopefully it is all HTML5 / CSS based and works well on all browsers.

Valued Contributor II
I feel like my SpeedFlex tests against a Mac are a lot faster compared to before. With 80MHz channels on a R710, I'm seeing 980mbit at short range and 700mbit through a wall and some cabinets (3x3 desktop client). 

Seems faster than I'm used to, but could be placebo effect.