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Wireless user 802.1X client shows unauthenticated

New Contributor II
We have ruckus Zone controller and we have used 802.1x, also integrated controller with Radius server and tested it . But the issue is client gets the Ip from DHCP server in LAN but client shows Unauthenticated . Please sugesst where could be the issue .

Valued Contributor II

client showing as un-authenticated on GUI, can be an real issue and an cosmetic issue too.
if it is an REAL issue then you must chk the logs on AD/radius server and ZD to see why it is failing..

from there you should get some pointers on how to proceed with this matter. ideally such issues requires that you open a ticket with support so that you can get guidance.

If you are using 802.1X EAP authentication and clients are getting DHCP address then that means that clients are able to complete authentication process so they should be showing as ''Authorized'' which means that they have passed authentication.

As mentioned previously it could be a cosmetic issue meaning the ZD UI only shows unauthorized or unauthenticated status for just 1 or 2 clients when they are actually authenticated.

A good starting point would be to find how many clients are showing as Unauthorized or Unauthenticated. If there are decent number of clients showing the same status on ZD UI then I would check the client behavior (error message)and the configuration. If all the clients are failing authentication then that would point towards a mis-configuration with regards to Radius server on the ZD or the mis-configuration of Radius server itself.

Finally I would go and check the Radius server logs and find out the reason behind any possible authentication failure.

I hope this helps!