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Wifi taking priority over wired connection

New Contributor
We switched to Ruckus a couple of weeks ago and now our laptop users are giving proiority to wireless even when connected by wire to the LAN. The wireless is internet only and does not provide access to network resources. We didn't have this problem with our old wifi. What would cause this? What are solutions? Having the user turn off their wifi is not an option.


Ron Soulliard

Valued Contributor II
So you are saying that when they are connected to the LAN and have their wireless connected - that the user traffic is egressing the WLAN and not the LAN? This would be entirely the clients (machine) control - and should be selecting LAN preferentially. (but you knew that)

Since there's literally nothing the AP can do to influence this, I'd be looking more closely at the PC's - are they getting proper IP address, VLAN and routing on the LAN side? The acid test is having one connected to both and then disabling/re-enabling the wifi to see how the connection changes. Then basic "PC cruft" troubleshooting like deleting WLAN/LAN profiles, etc.

More details would help as well - OS of the clients, version of ZoneFlex running, etc.

And you can try this (if Windows..) -

Valued Contributor
As Keith says but also do WLAN and LAN have different gateways?
Because adapter preference (as above) might just be for DNS.

You need to make sure that both DNS and Routing give preference to LAN before WLAN.