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how to upgrade single standalone 7363 AP?

New Contributor
Current firmware is 8.2 Using the web, tftp or ftp options do not work. They receive an a timeout error reading the control file

Valued Contributor
There's a long thread about upgrading firmware for 7363 standalone

I know that you often want a short succint answer but the old thread covers a lot of ground and might be helpful as a starting point.

The very last reply talks about how to check the control file contents agree with f/w and how to create your own control file.

Valued Contributor
If you can't find a ZD with FW 9 or higher to have it upgrade the AP there are things you can try. First try changing the FTP server. I think you've got the server there. Change that to (notice the 1)

If that doesn't work. I'd suggest you download the FW from the RW page, start a TFTP server on your LAN and upgrade it that way. You'll need a control file. I don't know exactly how these look like for ZoneFlex but if you go by how MediaFlex controll file looked like it would be something like below.


same as above

First you specified the TFTP servers address
then the name of the file to be uploaded
then the size of the file in bits

Save that in a fwcntrl7363.rcks file or similar. I've never updated a ZF AP this was, but I guess it should work.