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Why does the ios device disassociate every 5 minutes?

Contributor II
Why does the iOS device disassociate every 5 minutes? Any ideas?

See pic below:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3ea135b77e2478e043e_b9993f3a2155a77110c99faf38a8f467_iOSdis_inline-57a867ec-d0a9-41ce-96e9-c20aebb6a11d-996397528.png1383833265

Valued Contributor
It can be about 100 different reasons.

If you provide us with little more data, maybe we can help.

What FW is running on ZD, which ios version. Is it in use or not at the time. Maybe it just goes back to sleep. Is it at the edge of a cell, is it in use when this happenes,...

New Contributor
Did you increase the "Inactivity Timeout" in the advanced options? It should say Terminate idle user session after 5 minutes of inactivity after creating your WLAN. You can change to a Max of 500 minutes. Not sure if it can be disabled in CLI or not.

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ThX using >>>>

ZD300 w/ build 15

iOS = 7, OSX (mountain lion), and Windows = 7 << expanded to include windows 7 and OSX (All disassociate at a 5 minute increments.)

"inactivity timeout" set for 480 minutes

No, not on edge of cell.

iOS and OSX in use when a disassociation message is created. Win 7 is sleeping.

New Contributor II
This behavior is a result of current iOS software's aggressive power-saving strategy.

Current iOS devices will typically disassociate from their AP shortly after their screen has been deactivated. They will periodically wake up, re-associate, check for pending application-layer notifications, disassociate, and repeat the process. They will re-associate as soon as the screen is activated and will stay associated for the duration of screen activity.