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increase 128 MAC filter limit

New Contributor
is there a way to increase the 128 limit to a MAC filter list?

Esteemed Contributor II
Only thru a Feature Request, submitted by your account team into Ruckus Product Marketing.

Could you specify the steps in this process please?

I under the impression the forum served this purpose?

Valued Contributor
Several have mentioned/asked for this so go ahead and request.

I use a lot of MAC filters and only workaround I've found is to create more WLANs each with a specific different MAC ACL assigned (limit of which was increased in 9.5/9.6 update to about 27 from about 8 - I think).

So could have circa 128x27 MACs now. Hmm.
Clumsy but it works.

New Contributor
thanks for the help. are you saying that youi have 27 different WLANs? I think that would be confusing for end users not knowing which WLAN to connect which device to, etc