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What are the Modes available in Ruckus AP's for configuration?

New Contributor II

To install a new Ruckus AP's in our sites what are the modes available in those AP's for configuration and how to configure the AP with those Modes.

Pls update on this for better use.

Valued Contributor
What modes are you asking about?

There is only 1 mode with Ruckus products......a working one 🙂

New Contributor II

I was asking about these modes Bridge-WAN,Bridge-L2TP Tunnel,Route-WAN.

Since in Products such as TPlink or other outdoor Access-point's there are three modes namely to configure Bridge,Gateway,WISP.

So,What about in Ruckus?

Kindly update on this for effective use.

Valued Contributor II
@PK, your question is a little too open-ended to answer effectively. The ZoneFlex documentation does fully cover the "modes" the AP (with or without a controller) can support and how to configure them, but that's too much information to provide here.

It might be better if you let us know what your use-case is and then we can answer whether our product can support it.

Contributor III
I'm not sure what you're looking for here...

An AP can be connected to another AP in mesh mode.
An AP can operate in bridged mode (where traffic is dumped directly the the appropriate VLAN(s) on the switch it's connected to)
An AP can operate in tunneled mode where all it's traffic gets encrypted and tunneled back to a controller, and then from the controller to the LAN.

Is that what you were thinking of?