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Issue with 9.7 on ZF2942 on ZD controlled AP

New Contributor III
Not to hijack, but I have a ZD3100 and 51 2942 APs...and upgraded to 9.7.

Same symptom, connected clients became disconnected clients. Average 300 users total then averaged 51 or so, a LOT of APs have zero clients...oh the horror.

Case opened, but no joy.

Opened forums, I see this, and I downgrade.

CURRENT STATUS: 20 minutes later, am on, back to high client count, APs have multiple clients.

Case is still open, although I agree with the consensus that the 2942 can't handle 9.7, so perhaps moot.

Just sharing.

Note: This topic was created from a reply on the ZF2942 Upgrade to causes problems topic.

Valued Contributor II
I forked your comment so we can track this separately. It's probably related to the same issue as the standalone - resource starvation. We've been able to reproduce in-house. Configure a ZF2942 with 1 WLAN - no problem. Configure with 8 - it chokes. We're still investigating whether we can implement a software fix for this.

Valued Contributor II
In looking through bug details it looks like power-cycling the AP's (maybe after a factory reset) is bringing them back into operation. Had you tried that?

New Contributor III
Hi Keith, thanks for the support.

RE: sw fix, 2942 is old, don't support 802.11n, and frankly, I don't think it's worth troubleshooting. Be as it may, I would be glad to apply any fixes team Ruckus comes up with.

As far as power cycling APs after a factory reset, am unable to perform that as both Wi-Fi systems are in production now, and am reticent to upgrade again for the sake of power cycling and factory reset; I'd rather stay here for now.