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WLAN passphrase changed by schedule

New Contributor II
I'd like to see an option to allow a WLAN passphrase to be changed by a configurable schedule, eg every day at midnight, 1st Saturday of each month at 4am etc, to create a "password-of-the-day", "password-of-the-month" type setup.

I'm not fussed whether the passphrase is randomly generated by the ZD or I upload a list of passphrases that cycle repeatedly.

In the WLAN config, I'd also like to specify a list of email recipients so the ZD can email the next password, or maybe the next x passwords and the time they become effective.


Contributor II
Are you referring to the WPA PSK or the built-in portal?

If the PSK, this would be a headache because of devices "remembering" the password. You would have to get each client device to delete that profile each time it changes. or set the devices to never create a profile for the network, which would mean disassociation every time it goes to sleep.

If the portal, that would be an interesting feature to have.

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I'm thinking of the WPA PSK.

For us, we have maybe 100 sites with 15,000 employees who bring visitors, host conferences, run training courses etc. The admin overhead of providing guest passes it not practical and corporate machines that are too locked down (eg forced to use a proxy) cannot display the guest-pass login page. DPSK is ok but requires a ZD admin overhead, and if you implement with Zero-IT then what organisation has a backend authentication source containing all of their visitors?!?

It's not realistic to change the WPA PSK manually because we (the ZD admins) only work office hours, and changing it whilst people are using it is probably not a good idea.

I'd like to be able to create a WLAN where the WPA PSK changes at a set time (eg 4am in the morning on the 1st Monday of each month) and the ZD email out the new PSK to all of the people that need to know it.

New Contributor

When the PSK changes, clients should prompt for a new password. I just tested it here on IOS and OSX and it worked fine.

I've also run into a lot of situations where this would be useful. Not something I really need but it would be nice.

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Such ideas can be channeled to Ruckus product line marketing, through your VAR or Ruckus SE or account representative, who submit Field Requests.