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Vlan pooling

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I have just joined a team and I am responsible for zonedirector administration. I found that Vlan pooling are not set up on zonedirector but clients can still get an ip Address  from dhcp per scope per wlan. ex : if I pickup a wlan from those offered by the Aps I get an IP from the same scope no matter the device i am using or when I pick up this wlan. do you have any explanation to this please ?

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Hi Otman,

Could you provide more information on what you are exactly looking for?

You can use dynamic VLAN with ZD but your network infrastructure should support it.

For the WLAN static VLAN config, whatever you will tag on under the WLAN advanced setting, client will get the IP on same VLAN, no matter what device is joining the WLAN.

Syamantak Omer | Community moderator | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI

Hello Omer,

scenario : user picks up a SSID to connect and he/she gets an ip address from the same scope on dhcp server, Windows, always from the same scope whenever the same ssid is chosen. what I can't understand how the dhcp request is broadcasted to the same Vlan . How the AP knows that a given SSID is mapped to a vlan while Wlan are configured as you can see on the screenshot ? Thank you.

Image_ images_messages_60cb4dea00ea110e3984383a_5045ba0f0a638c5c253d220c0202783a_Snip20210617_1-c822f7fe-dc47-4b47-8ba8-342993319400-136428984.png

Hi Otman,

As per the screenshot I see Dynamic VLAN and VLAN Pooling both are disabled.

In above condition, user will get IP address depending upon Native/Untagged VLAN configured on switch port (and WLAN), where AP is connected.

For example, X SSID is configured with VLAN 1(default VLAN/Untagged) under WLAN advanced settings. Switch port for AP1 is configured with VLAN 2 as untagged/native and for AP2 switch port VLAN 3 is configured as untagged/native VLAN.

In above scenario, if a user connects to X SSID on AP1, it will get IP address from VLAN 2 and if user connects to AP2 on X SSID then it will get IP from VLAN 3.

If VLAN is tagged on WLAN settings (anything other than 1 configured under WLAN advanced setting >> VLAN) then only AP will send the DHCP requests to configured VLAN/Network gateway.

Syamantak Omer | Community moderator | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI

Hello Omer,

Thank you for your response. More info for you please.

All the APs are part of the VLAN48, so the  PVID for every ports the APs are connected to is VLAN 48. the VLAN 1 is excluded on "participation" colonne. I still can't see how when a user tap on an SSID and his/her dhcp request is forwarded towards the same scope no matter the type of device and the same thing with all other SSID. Excuse my ignorance but how the AP knows that if the dhcp request is sent via x SSID, it must be broadcasted to the x vlan while the switch port will consider the untagged traffic as destined for vlan 48 ? Thank you.