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Migrating ZoneDirector 1100 to Virtual SmartZone

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We have a ZoneDirector 1100 and 7363 APs, and would like to migrate the current configuration (e.g. retain dynamic PSKs, VLANs, SSIDs, etc.) to a brand new Virtual SmartZone with R650 APs setup. I figure that the best route would be migrating the ZoneDirector first to the vSZ, and then simply onboarding the R650s. 

However, it looks like the firmware version of the ZoneDirector needs to be at least 9.13.x for the migration to be supported but the highest available update is build 130.

Am I just out of luck here and can't migrate the ZoneDirector 1100? What are my options to minimize downtime and avoid having to start from scratch?



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As far as ZD1100 to SZ migration, you're out of luck.  But the good news is that an 1100 config cannot possible be that complicated, so it shouldn’t be too much work.  A couple of other items to be aware of: 

(1) There's no way to export DPSK keys from a ZD.

(2) If you used Zero-IT to provision the keys, that feature does not exist on a SmartZone.

Unless someone else has a better idea, it looks to me like you'll have to rekey all the clients and configure the SZ from scratch.  Assuming your users have AP accounts, you might want to consider RADIUS instead of DPSK (Zero-IT won't be needed, nor will rekeying the clients).  

Lastly, if you intend to use 7363 and R650 APs on the same system, the two models cannot exist in the same zone.  You'll need to setup a separate zone for the old APs and lock the code to v3 or whatever the last supported version was. 

Thanks, David.

Correct, DPSK was deployed using Zero-IT.

What would be another alternative to minimize impact to the end-users and make it as transparent as possible? Upgrading to a ZD 1200? I'm assuming that the 1100 doesn't support the R650 APs since it looks like it can't even be upgraded to any firmware higher than 9.10.X.

We are replacing the 7363 APs with the R650 models so at least we won't have to worry about both coexisting. I should've specified that this is the actual end goal, getting the R650 APs on our infrastructure so we can take advantage of WiFi6 and even AC.

The easiest solution is to upgrade to the ZD1200.

- upgrade the ZD1100 to a 9.9 release and save a config backup

- downgrade the ZD1200 to the same release

- shut down the ZD1100 and remove it from the network

- restore the config to the 1200 (restore everything including network info)

- after the restore process completes, connect the ZD1200 to the network

-the A7363 APs will eventually reconnect and everything will work exactly as it did.  If you get tired of waiting for the APs to reconnect, cycle power to force a reboot.

When you're ready to install the R650 APs, you'll need to upgrade the ZD to at least the 10.4 GA release.  This will require several hops during which neither the 7363 or R650 APs will work.

From whatever you picked as the starting point, 9.9.x : --> --> -->

Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi There,

Support on R650 started from vSZ 6.0 version and on 6.0 version ZF7363 AP model is not supported.

In short, you cannot use both the APs on same controller as one is latest and other one is legacy.

Refer the release notes of 6.0 from the below link for supported AP models. 

I suggest to continue using ZD1100 and onboard R650s to a vSZ, if you still want to use ZF7363 APs.

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