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Using DHCP on the Zone Director

New Contributor
Hi I am new to Ruckus and am wondering the following. Since we are very low on network IP addresses in the AD DHCP, can I have the Ruckus DHCP give out IPs for just wireless clients and will it route to the corporate network? I hope I am clear with what I am trying to accomplish here. Let me know. Thank you.

Hi Steven,

The Internal DHCP server on the ZD has limited ability, when you enable it; even wired clients connected on the same VLAN as ZD/AP would get IP address. It does not have routing option so it has to be done on the Wired End.

Abilash PR.

New Contributor III
Like Abilash said, it would give up and see my dresses as your ad DHCP. Having a duplicate IP addresses on your network is never a good thing.

The best thing that you could do is create a separate VLAN for your wireless clients. Then you can have your ad DHCP server and out a whole new set of IP addresses. If you want me have layer 2 switches and an additional VLAN is not possible you can always extend your network out a larger subnet.