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Users can't find characters in DPSK password on their keyboard. Can we limit the characters when DPSK are generated?

New Contributor
My users are given a Batch DPSK when they enrol at the school. Unfortunately, some of them can't find some of the characters on their device's keyboard. For example, ` (Grave Accent) is not available on some devices. They also get confused between I, i, L, l, O, o, 0 (Zero).

Is there a way to limit the characters that the ZoneDirector will use when generating the keys? I'd like to remove the hard-to-find ones, as well as those which are ambiguous!

Quite often, you can copy the key from the interface on the device, and paste it when entering the key in the wifi settings. Is that not the case? Some devices might not support that though...

Esteemed Contributor II
Change DPSK so that certain characters are not used, e.g. apostrophes vs accented (' or ') `( or `)

Tell your VAR or Ruckus SE to VOTE in order to add visibility to this Field Request.

any update on this?  it would be a really nice and helpful feature if we could specify / limit the character set,  ie only generate with letters and numbers.  this would really make dpsk much more useful/powerful

I'm using SmartZone 3.6.2 and the ability to restrict DPSK passwords to simple characters or just numbers is available.