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Problem to connect to WLAN after upgrade to iOS 11

New Contributor
We are running a ZD 1100 with 9.10.2 Build 29 firmware and 7762 and 7363 APs.
After upgrading iOS devices from 10.x to 11 these devices cannot connect to the WLAN.
We are using pre shared Keys and WPA2.
Even if we try to use the guest WLAN a connection ist not possible.
What can we do resolve this issue?

Valued Contributor
Similar config: ZD1100 on, R500 and 7363 APs.
No issues after iOS update to 11/11.0.1 on at least 30 ipads so far.

However we use MAC authentication only.
So seems likely that the issue is PSK/WPA2 based.

We have also issues with connecting wirelesse devices running IOS 11 to our ZD1200. The devices running IOS 10 still working.
The firmware version is build 11 and we use R500 AP's.

I have updated the firmware last friday to build 121 and it looks like the issues are gone. People with an IOS 11 device that could not connect before are not able to open the guestnetwork and enter their guess password.

New Contributor II
have you attempted trying to connect them to a new test WLAN?