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Users can't find characters in DPSK password on their keyboard. Can we limit the characters when DPSK are generated?

New Contributor
My users are given a Batch DPSK when they enrol at the school. Unfortunately, some of them can't find some of the characters on their device's keyboard. For example, ` (Grave Accent) is not available on some devices. They also get confused between I, i, L, l, O, o, 0 (Zero).

Is there a way to limit the characters that the ZoneDirector will use when generating the keys? I'd like to remove the hard-to-find ones, as well as those which are ambiguous!

Valued Contributor
Wouldn't it be better if you make a new WLAN with simple WPA2/AES, for clients that can't use Zero-IT?

There aren't that many devices that don't.

New Contributor
Geoffrey - Thank you for the great usability enhancement! I will put this on our feature request list to be evaluated for a future release. This is a very timely request as I'm currently hearing the same request from our Sales Engineers.

One reason our customers like D-PSK is that it's use does not require a radius server. D-PSK provides the unique key per user that makes is more secure than a simple PSK and make is easy to administer with auto-expiration times and the ability to revoke a single user's key.

Hi David, was a feature request opened for this request? I have a school making use of DPSK and they have the same issue.

New Contributor II
I would like this flushed out as well as we use D-PSK for devices that don't support 802.1x which also doesn't support Zero IT.

On a college campus we have all sorts of "home" devices that don't really work on an enterprise network and the challenge has been getting them connected. At the moment they log in to get D-PSK key have to ignore the download and click on the link at the bottom to manually get the key. Then they have to attempt to recognize and find all the characters from the key.