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User fails authentication too many times in a row when joining WLAN

New Contributor II


In the ZoneDirector I get multiple messages of clients who fails to authenticate too many times in a row when joining a WLAN. We configured multiple Open WLAN networks and it happens by all of them. In the Syslog Guide the action is to check the user credentials, but it's an open network with no encryption.

We use firmware version build 218, but these messages where already their in firmware

Access-points type mostly T300 and ZF7762.

Has anybody experienced this before?


Hello Michael, i have 7782N and S and my version is build 219

Upgraded to build 232, no issues.


Contributor II
I experience this on ZD-1100 build 53 on zf7982 and on a zf7363 in Mesh.
the network (ssid) is open without any authentication.
i dont understand why we get an "fails authentication" if we dont have any authentication at all.

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I know this is an old post, but I couldn't find anything related to my question.  I want to block users who have tried to authenticate too many times and were then blocked.  Does anyone know how to do that?  We are a seasonal business and during the busy season we have dozens of cell phones trying to authenticate.  I just want to block them permanently.    Thanx!