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Urgent: ZD3400 upgraded firmware version could not support wireless mesh, even T301n could not mesh wirelessly

New Contributor III
Please sir urgent help needed to deliver a job.

We have a customer using ZD3000, firmware version controlling up to 300 units of (EOL) ZF7025 model APs.

We were required to integrate R700, R600 and T301n APs to work with EoL 7025 in Zd3000 but the highest firmware version that could support the Old and New APs is

After successful upgrade, we realized the following problems
1. The two T301n could not mesh wirelessly, we realized that on the -- -- webpage, that is completely missing 

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3de135b77e2478bd353_6f81b492ee63f6f739919a7093783a3b_RackMultipart201605151180921mn-6a817813-20c2-477c-a621-2031ff7092cf-657156016.jpg1463321144
We believe have seen the problem, we upgraded from firmware version 9.4 to The aim is to include new devices like T301n, R700 and R600. Now upgrade is running successfully but now we want to mesh T301n(s), we enabled the mesh  but on the Monitor AP view, "Mesh Mode" seems hidden or not available.

Please how do we include this Mesh feature of ZD3000 v9. successfully? We really need this wireless mesh connection

2. We suspected that T301n were sometime kicked out of the controller

Team, any useful clues on how to solve these issues will be highly appreciated, we need to deliver on this project. 

Thanks for your urgent and anticipated supports (Nigeria)

Valued Contributor II
Mesh is not supported on 802.11ac using the 9.8 firmware series. IIRC you need at least 9.10 to support 802.11ac mesh.

(BTW for urgent support, it's probably more efficient to go through Ruckus Support and file a ticket. We are just volunteers here who love answering wifi questions in our spare time)

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If you have a question, you can use the search funtion:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c42c135b77e2479a05c5_ad81bb10f10479908336b35d8eed0c0b_RackMultipart2016051657802s83c-2935013e-68d1-4dfa-813b-0103041d75be-14837298.png1463386733

This can sometimes speed up your ability to answer your questions, as typically if you have a problem, someone else is more than likely to have that problem also:


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John is correct, minimum load for AC Mesh functionality is 9.10