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Twilio Integration and Use

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Just received my first order of R700's and have them set up in the lab to muck around with. I've upgraded my ZD to the 9.8 LCS to be able to test the gear. I found the setting to link the ZD to a Twilio account. I linked it up to my account, used the test button and it work. But maybe I'm just being totally blind, but is it not possible to set anything in the system to use that Twilio connection? Ideally I'd love to set the alarms to use the Twilio rather than e-mail. If this isn't an implemented feature yet, I can very much be patient, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't just being dumb.


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I have not seen any indication that our product marketing team is looking at incorporating "twilio", so if you have a business case to present, please contact your Ruckus SE and ask them to submit a Field Request on your behalf.

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Btw, get version if you are mucking around with R700s on

Official 9.8 GA should be posted in early June.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for the response, but I think you should take a look at
Configure / System.
Scroll down to just above Network Managment and you will find an area called SMS Settings to enter your Twilio or Clickatel account information. The integration works as after entering my information and clicking test, I get a test SMS from the ZoneDirector via my Twilio SMS gateway.

I was wondering what the next step was as it seems someone added Twilio support, but other than the System page and the test button, I don't see it as an option anywhere. I would assume it is intended to be used with Alarms so you can set certain high level alarms to send an SMS and low level alarms to your e-mail, or whatever priority the user decides.

Since I didn't see it on the Alarms page, I was wondering if it was incorporated on some other screen or for some other purpose that I couldn't find.
As of yet, I've only found the 9.8 Release notes for the ZD. It makes reference to a "Whats new in 9.8" PDF on the support site, but as I can't find that page / link.

Screen shot attached of the Twilio settings page on the ZoneDirector Systems page.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c405135b77e24791d5af_514d4c9654233b0f174c20a8293858b6_ScreenShot20140602at7.13.56PM_-bcda8636-2fef-434d-b30f-7f64f7e13360-387387787.png1401750975

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I've ping'd the product manager and documentation lead.