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Transfer configuration file to new ZD5000 with different firmware version

New Contributor
I have a ZD5000 with Firmware build 138 on a production network. How do I transfer the configuration file to the new ZD5000 with Firmware build 32 without interrupting the production network?

New Contributor III
Make sure that both ZD5000 have the same firmware version as well as the number of licenses or it won't work. So there will be interuptions (about 4 to 5 upgrades i think) while performing these upgrades. Otherwise you can configure the new ZD exacetly the same and configure N+1 redundancy. The access points will always upgrade when connecting tho the new ZD.

New Contributor III
Keeping your network on build 138 is least risky and minimum AP upgrades which means that you just need to downgrade your new ZD5000 to build 138 first (check release notes) and once you are there then just pull the backup file from old and ensure what Keon alerted you about. If all is good, then apply this to new one. This need to happen while new ZD is offline.

at right oppurtunity, swap the ZD's. As keon mentioned, there will be little interruption when AP move from old to new.

There are other ways too however there will be more interruption because of upgrades...

btw - is old zd broken?