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Tool box in ZD UI version 10, where is it ?

New Contributor II
Dear Ruckus Team,

Greetings, I'm new in the community, this is my first post. We are an IT company that manages several Ruckus ZD wireless controllers remotely, and now we have passed to version 10 of the UI. 
This version looks faster in performance but is missing something from the previous version I think. I cant find the tool box where there is the option to stop the "auto refresh"  feature. Sometimes I just need the raw list of AP's and is quite impossible to get it if the UI refreshes automatically every 20 seconds. In the tooltip it says "to stop auto-refresh, click the stop button in the toolbar" but where is it? Maybe I'm missing it but I cant see it. Thank you!
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Sorry guys but unfortunately it do not depends on the browser layout, the tool box is simply missing. I tried to test on Chrome (my default browser) Mozilla or Edge. It looks the same