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There appears to be something wrong with the ruckus licencing

I have seen this in a number of installations with the 1200 controller.
the licences expire, they are not renewed....
The ability to update goes completely away (rightly)
then after a couple of months licensing  & update goes away.

but then it comes back as  something between 60-80 days. then it decrements, then it comes back again.
Even several months past expiry  it is showing the licences as "your licence expires in 65 days", two weeks ago it was 69 days.

Bad arithmetic in your kernel?

Contributor II
To be clear, AP licenses on ZD 1200  to manage APs (or other controllers from Ruckus) are perpetual licenses - in other words, these licenses don't expire as long as the same end customer who bought owns it. 

That said, I believe you are referring to "Support" contract expiration. To verify the exact end date, after login to ZD, pl go to 'Administer->Support'. On the right side, look under "Date to End". 

To address recent KRACK vulnerability Ruckus has provided "free" software upgrade for all customers including those who don't have valid Support contract. To enable free software upgrade for those who don't have valid support Ruckus provided support entitlement which will expire on Jan 31st, 2018. For more info you could check out

This date seems to coinciding with your 65 days expiration from today. Have you purchased a Support for your ZD? 

I don't think it is a bad arithmetic.

it is NOTHING to do with the KRAK and no you cannot DL  any images without having an active contract .
NOR can you update a system, it will not upload the firmware.

but during this "error" condition the contract is renewed.

if it is not bad arithmetic, why does it hit >87 days, then countdown to 60 something, then reset again

Personally I don't care, it means if this "licencing" show is correct , then  these companies save a load of money on licensing.

Valued Contributor II
i have seen this discrepancy at several sites myself... i am talking about support dates who's support expired months ago and still it says that your support is active. this is seen on dashboard...i will try to capture this data and present it here however this issue do exist and have seen on ZD1100 and ZD1200 before KRACK event 100%

no need for any screen capture, this is an issue that has been around since the purchase of the hardware.

but it makes a nonsense of the licensing from an audit point of view..... is it expired or is it not ?
Clearly from an ethical point of view it is expired.
It needs ruckus to fix this urgently.