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Stuck in blinking Status after upgrade to zd1100_9.

New Contributor III
After upgrading the firmware of ZD100 from 9.8 to 9.10,  and the installation was 100% complete, the screen is stuck to Restarting.  The STATUS led is always blinking.  I've waited for 45mins and still the same. I can't ping the assigned  Ip address of the unit.

SO i decided to restart the unit, but still stuck in STATUS blinking.
I can't ping the assigned  Ip address of the unit.

Contributor II
ZD100? Are we talking about SmartZone 100?
Be patient when upgrading that! Upgrading a cluster of two can easily be 1,5 hours!So upgrading a single one could easily be 45 min or more.

New Contributor III
Yes, 1- unit ZD1100 only.

But before when I upgraded the firmware from 9.7 to 9.8, it didn't take that much time. 

Ah, ok, ZoneDirectors should not take that long - 10-15 minuts max!SmartZones is sloooow.. 😕
Do you have a backup?Maybe reset it and apply the backup?

Hi Jakob,

Do you have any link/info about the procedures in how to reset the zd1100?
Thank you in advance.