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Smartway timing

New Contributor III
I am curious what the status is on Smartway release? I could really use some of those features before school starts back up!


New Contributor III
Any news on this since December has now passed ?


New Contributor III
Are suppliers have now passed this onto us i look forward to implementing it now

New Contributor
"• VLANs must be mapped to different SSIDs."

Does this mean that this feature will ONLY work for wireless to wireless VLANS? So a StaffWiFi SSID connected Macbook, would still be unable to connect to a printer on the MiddleSchool ethernet VLAN?

Hi Wil, I've been playing around with this and not having much luck with wired VLAN to Wireless VLAN. I can't say that I have fully tested so might be something else but suspecting that it is WiFi to WiFi only...very happy to be corrected!

New Contributor III
It should cross to wired lan as well, we have all our teachers pc's setup on the school ip range 10.64.x.x running air server

Our student ipads use a 192.168.x.x range on a vlan from a vlan'd dhcp box (our smoothwall filtering solution)

we can see and connect to the pc's using the new bridging, we are having difficulty with air print though only one printer at a time is showing and this week the printer is different from the one which was appearing last week???