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Mesh after Upgrade to 9.8

New Contributor
I have the following problem. After upgrading a ZD 1106 FW 9.8, I have only sporadic contact with the mesh AP. What can you do here?


Esteemed Contributor II
Troubleshoot the client connectivity. Collect an AP support info when the client is
having connection problems. Look at the client statistics (RSSI, PER) to help
determine if it is client distance from the AP (low RSSI) or RF interference (PER)
that might cause dropped packets.

STA: a4:db:30:04:6c:4b
rx_data_frm 38584 rx_mgt_frm 464 rx_bytes 4260955
tx_data_frm 231268 tx_mgmt_frm 466 tx_bytes 15315975
tx_assoc 1 tx_auth 1
good_tx_frms 231734 good_rx_frms 39048 tx_retries 3715
tx_rate 270000 tx_kbps 32423
tx_per 1 ack_rssi 42 rx_rssi 37

Esteemed Contributor II
If your question is about two APs staying meshed together, you need to look at the
ZD debug info file, using the new and improved Log Analyzer on the front page of
our Support Portal, which will illustrate the Root and Mesh APs.

Clicking on the AP circle will allow you to look deeper into the AP data, and the
Mesh Info tab, will list what other APs at what signal strength each mesh AP can
see other APs. You need RSSI of 25 or better to maintain mesh between APs.

Mesh Link

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BSSID Channel Dir First Assoc MeshAP RC RSSI Radio ID Radio Type Rx Bytes Rx Mcast Rx Pkts State Tx Bytes Tx Mcast Tx Pkts

04:4f:aa:b5:4b:cd 0 UP LINK Tue Oct 15 09:05:52 2013 04:4f:aa:35:4b:c0 - 53 1 11a/n 36206351 9640 181804 U 14877157 4082 117697
04:4f:aa:b5:52:3d 0 UP LINK Wed Oct 9 20:04:38 2013 04:4f:aa:35:52:30 - 45 1 11a/n 10879293131 132272 14435855 U 3499303259 124722 9426