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Single guestpass for different devices

New Contributor
Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to use a single guestpass for different devices.
In this case, user want to use single ID for 1 device at a time. But whenever he/she disconnect from let say, a notebook (that has already used the ID) and want to use a mobile phone to surf internet using the same ID, the user is unable to connect.
I know there is an option to generate single guestpass for multiple users but in this case, I want some sort of control over the guestpass usage (1 person can only have 1 ID to avoid abuse e.g. giving his/her ID to unauthorized user).
Please advice.

Thank you.

New Contributor II
Stay tuned, it's a new feature of incoming 9.8 release (multiple devices with a single guest pass)

Hmmmm. Coming in 9.8... I cannot even PERCEIVE how it will actually work! Maybe limit the Guest Pass to 3 devices for example???

New Contributor
Alright then. Thank you very much. 🙂