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Same SSID at two different locations and different DHCP relay

New Contributor II
I am trying to create the same SSID with multiple VLANs and different DHCP relay. Trying to setup same SSID at two different sites with different firewalls. I would like to have the SSID go to the corresponding DHCP server based on their location. is this possible to do?

New Contributor III
Yes this works quite nicely with an organization with multiple sites. The dhcp server location isn't determined by the SSID, it's determined by the device that's doing DHCP relay for you, which can be the switch or firewall at each site. The DHCP server is smart enough to see which subnet the request came from and respond accordingly.

One thing to be aware of... if the locations are close to each other, make sure the DHCP lease time is less than the time it takes to get between locations. Windows 7 has this 'helpful' feature where if it sees the same SSID it tries to keep using the same address without going through a full DHCP cycle. That one puzzled us for a very long time....

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Hello FluxCapMalfunction,

I wonder if you found a workaround or solution to what you are trying to achieve.

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Yup. I have the same SSID at two different sites with the same VLAN ID. They both go to the FW for DHCP for Guest/Corp.

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ok. Is it doable to have same SSID with different VLAN ID in different sites?
Use case - Central Office with ZD with its own FW and VLAN scheme and branch with its own. AP is connecting to ZD from remote.