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SKU for ZD 1205 support/upgrade license

New Contributor III
I've recently purchased a used ZD 1205 (1200 w/ 5 AP license).  It came with an ancient 9.x firmware and I'd like to upgrade it to the latest release.  Obviously it's not under support so I can't do that without buying support first!

Sales seems to be behind right now, so I'm trying to figure out what I need to purchase myself.  I did find:

801-1205-5000 End User WatchDog Support for ZoneDirector 1205, 5 Year

Is that what I need to purchase in order to get upgrade rights for this unit?


New Contributor III
Latest firmware can be found at Ruckus Wireless Support website at

Choose PRODUCTS, and the ZoneDirector (ZD) Product Family box.

ZD1200 and ZD3000 have listed Recommended Firmware version, and pages for Technical Documents and Software Downloads.
(ZD1000 and ZD5000 are found under EOL Ruckus Products page: )

Click on Software Downloads link to the right of the ZD product page. You will find:

1. All the available firmware versions
2. All available SNMP MIBs and any AP or security patch bundles.
3. Each Software Release Firmware download page has a link to Release Notes under "Documents" that goes into specific details on Supported AP Platforms and Upgrade Paths, Enhancements and Resolved issues, and Client Interoperability information.

Please ensure you have an active support contract on the ZoneDirector in order to download the firmware. (801-1205-5000 or 801-1205-1000 one year) Either of those two models does not necessarily have to be five years old.

Once you decide on the firmware version to use, download the file to your local machine.

- Login to the ZD and go to the Administer > Upgrade page.
- Click on the "Choose File" and browse the downloaded firmware file.
- ZD will prompt you to backup the current configuration.
- If you don't have the most latest backup, say "Yes" to this before proceeding with ZoneDirector upgrade.

New Contributor III
Hi Dustin,

As you have purchased recently, if it is not less than 30 days then you are entitled to have support for that 30 days from the date of purchase, you can reach out to support and tell them the same they should be able to help you.

I would strongly recommend you to buy support for it though as it would help in future.

Hope it helps!!!

Abilash PR

New Contributor III
Perfect, so I had the correct SKUs. Thanks!