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Ruckus ZD1200 Guest using external captive portal with Cisco ISE

New Contributor

Hi All

ZD1200  ver build 190  (ip:

cisco ISE : (ip:

I want to use Cisco ISE captive portal for guest login. The device cannot redirect to URL when access the guest SSID.

Ruckus ZD1200 config:

Wan type: Standard Usage

Authentication Method: MAC Address

Authentication Server:

Encryption: None

Advanced Options: dynamic vlan, dynamic role base

I capture device tcpdump in ISE  for your reference. I don't which one party have issue. Please help on it

Best regards


Image_ images_messages_611c8741e0dc09173304bc72_6be9060be920e02457ba546a9ac1e491_CoA-3d8515f7-d8b7-4b13-b8c0-780bd055ae02-1722448432.PNG


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Roy,

Do you want to use MAC auth or captive portal/wispr auth?

If it is radius, I don't see radius request or response on the capture. It is just showing accounting.

Please provide more information like what controller version you have, screenshots of the WLAN settings, radius settings, etc.

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI

New Contributor

Hi Syamantak

ZD1200  version10.5.0.0 build 190  (ip:

cisco ISE : (ip:

I wants the guest user redirect captive portal when access the gest ssid. In my configuration, devices can redirect to portal and login successfully, but cannot access the internet. 

I am screenshots of the configuration setting. Do you have experience on ruckus integration with cisco ISE. Can you share your configuration setting if you successfully integration of it?  Thanks

Image_ images_messages_614006346a77823ab0592ec8_4dd43756c9a3affed29014bdc6a354dd_1-dcec2907-a158-47be-baad-8e63225fb242-46702284.PNG
Image_ images_messages_614006346a77823ab0592ec8_9e8b36cbd44368cf10129250f05a0d0a_2-dcc6255b-3c72-4c5e-97d3-00880b33040f-47625805.PNG
Image_ images_messages_614006346a77823ab0592ec8_ec03f8a1b67fccf6f7829c9ed7409950_3-3d4af25c-a671-4d04-ba3e-da3c2a1f50ce-48549326.PNG
Image_ images_messages_614006346a77823ab0592ec8_2fc2d10a3aa314467694b20e058fb155_4-a60cf26a-f5eb-4f76-acf7-d2f3882d81d6-49472847.PNG
Image_ images_messages_614006346a77823ab0592ec8_f8d76a8a25ba394861ba48270bc9a668_5-04603e04-b867-4da6-9916-85cbc2a34bb9-50396368.PNG

Best regards


@roy_cheng configuration looking good to me.

Cisco ISE has Ruckus as pre defined vendor so please check if ISE policy is configure correctly or not.

Try to run troubleshooting utility on ZD to trace a client connection and see where it is dropping.

ZD debug logs will also help to understand why client is not able to authenticate.

I also suggest you to open a case with support for advance level troubelshooting, if you are not able to fix it.

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI